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AOLCC Success Stories

AOLCC Success Stories

Chand S.

While looking for a new career, I realized I needed to update my training and decided to contact multiple colleges to see how to fit an education into my life. At first, I felt hopeless because I wanted a program that could accommodate a flexible schedule. As I am a mother, my first priority is my children and I could not attend scheduled classes. Then, I found the Kingston Academy of Learning Career College. During my first meeting with their Admissions Representative, I explained my situation and educational needs, and I was provided with all kinds of support, including flexible scheduling which allowed me to focus on my family while gaining the skills necessary to find employment.
Learning something new can be a scary experience, and I was nervous. However, the environment at AOLCC is friendly and supportive, and the mentors and other staff are great; I was really impressed!
The entire experience has helped to shape my future and I am forever grateful, especially to Tara and Dorota for their support.

Chand S. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

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AOLCC Success Stories

Jenn C.

Making the decision to go back to school is a stressful time for anyone. Am I choosing the right program? Is now the right time to do this? And so many other questions.

I made the decision back in October of 2014. After working with Keys job centre, and doing the application process and researching the different schools in the area I quickly knew AOL was the right fit for me. From the first meeting with Dorota, she eased my worries and concerns. She took the time to make sure I understood everything fully and answered every question all the way through my course.

The facilitators, Bev, Racheal and Tara have been amazing on so many different levels. They have worked with me, shared in my excitement for completing each course and always encouraged me when I was struggling. They worked with me to find the best possible space in the college for me to be able to learn to the best of my ability.

When I was ready to start applying for jobs, I was once again surrounded by amazing support from Dorota, Michael, Tara, Racheal and Bev. Whether it be a mock interview with Michael, or working with one of the facilitators to make sure your resume and cover letter was going to stand out from all the rest. They never made you feel like they were being inconvenienced or rushed. The staff at Academy of Learning in Kingston truly love their job and it is evident every day!!

The best decision I made was coming to AOLC and 9 months later I have officially finished my diploma; without the wonderful staff, I wouldn’t be where I am right now!

Jenn C. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

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AOLCC Success Stories

Kyle O.

My experience at the Academy of Learning Kingston has been motivational. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by such encouraging staff – with a family-like atmosphere – has supported me in pushing past my comfort zones and into new areas of possibilities.

Kyle O. – Business Administration Diploma

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AOLCC Success Stories

Alicia D.

My name is Alicia Davison and I have recently completed my Medical Office Administration diploma. I lost my job when the store closed and had problems finding a job in the seasonal tourist town where I live. I decided during a meeting with a job councilor at KEYS in Gananoque that going back to school would be my best option. I found out I was eligible for Second Career, and began the application process right away. Part of the application process was to find out information about three different schools. I arranged a meeting with Dorota, and almost as soon as I walked in the door I knew Academy of Learning College was the school I was going to choose.

As someone who disliked high school, I wasn’t sure I would like the typical style of a community college. One of the things I like most about Academy of Learning College is that I could work at my own pace, and with a flexible schedule.

I started my medical office administration diploma in October, 2013, and I immediately enjoyed what I was learning about. For the first time since I was a little girl, I enjoyed coming to school. The one-on-one help that I received helped me to obtain great marks which only made me more excited to come to school and learn more. I ended up completing my program 2 months before my end date, something I wouldn’t have guessed would happen.

All of the facilitators are friendly and always willing to help; they were encouraging and knowledgeable in all the subjects I took. The school is a welcoming environment that I felt comfortable in where you will meet people on many different paths in their lives, in many different programs. I really loved how even if you didn’t necessarily know everyone, there was always a feeling of support for each other. That is not something you will find in a community college.

I am so glad I came to Academy of Learning College, if I got the chance to go back and do it again, I wouldn’t change anything. Everyone on the staff helped me to achieve my hopes and dreams of getting a college diploma. Without all the staff at Academy of Learning College, I would not have a bright future ahead of me, and I consider myself very fortunate to have met such wonderful, caring people.

Alicia D. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

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AOLCC Success Stories

Lori K.

A little over a year ago, my life completely changed. After 17 years, my marriage ended and I became a single mom. My self-esteem and confidence were very low, and I was so lost I didn’t know where to turn. Around the same time, due to a health condition, I had to leave my first career as a hair stylist, and this was very difficult for me because I loved what I did. Though this was a truly difficult period, after several months of feeling sad and unfocused, I decided it was time to pick myself up and move forward.

My best friend picked me up and we set off to check out a few schools where I might be able to gain the training toward a new career. The first place we went to was Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston. When I walked into the school, I was greeted right away with a smile. I met with Admissions Representative, Dorota Mirek, who patiently explained how the college worked, and by the end of our conversation I felt that she truly believed in me, even if I felt uncertain about myself. I decided right then that this college was the one for me, and I took the steps I needed to begin my journey as a student in the Medical Office Administration diploma program. I was provided with all of the necessary information, and guided through the application process without any stress.

From the first day I started, Dorota and all of the staff at AOLCC made me feel completely welcome. During my program, I had encountered further struggles in my personal life, not the least of which was losing my sister. My mentor, Tara, was very understanding and helped me to develop strategies to heal, and she and the entire staff were very patient with me during this time, helping me to stay on track with my studies. They understood my dedication and how much it meant to me to succeed, and I truly appreciated their compassion and understanding. I became involved in organizing and initiating college events, and also was provided with opportunities for hands-on learning which have been a wonderful way to help me cement my newly-acquired knowledge.

Not only did I succeed, I also found a new, more confident version of myself. I am grateful to to AOLCC for the opportunities they gave me. I met many great people, helped coordinate a Blood Drive for the college, and took on a volunteer position at local medical office where I put my skills to work. Some days I really struggled, but there was no way I was giving up. With the support of all the staff I pushed through and made it.
Now, I am about to start a new career as I have recently been hired for a position in the Medical Office Administration field. I have renewed self-esteem and my hope is that my story will reach others to help them see that they can begin again, too.
Without hesitation, I can say that because of the care and support given by the AOLCC team, as well as my own determination to do well, I believe in me, too.

Lori K. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

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AOLCC Success Stories

Talita J.

My experience at the Academy of Learning Career College Kingston has been astonishing! With the flexible hours and the learning environment, I found it to be a very helpful and comfortable experience. At first, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect. The one thing that stood out to me was the way the staff goes out of their way to make students feel comfortable, helping them to achieve their objectives. They guided me every step of the way to prepare me to achieve my career goals.
It was one the best decisions that I ever made for my career. I have always been passionate about numbers and business. The Academy of Learning Career College has helped me strengthen my knowledge in the field. Graduating from AOLCC with a Business Office Accounting Diploma will help me to reach my full potential. I have attained not only the education that I needed to thrive in my new career, but also the confidence which can only be conducive to a prosperous future.
On my way to a new career!

Talita J G. – Business Office Accounting Clerk Diploma

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AOLCC Success Stories

Wayne E.

My experience with the Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston was fantastic! Your team of facilitators were terrific, very knowledgeable and of great assistance when required. The course material is laid out in an easy to understand manner and is well balanced between books and computer assisted training. Academy of Learning Career College is perfect for the mature student as you can take the courses at your own speed which creates an enjoyable work/classroom environment.
What I appreciated most was the interaction with your team. They cut through the unnecessary and kept everyone happy and motivated which delivered results and then some.

Thank you for an enjoyable learning experience!

Wayne E. – Business Administration Diploma

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AOLCC Success Stories

Rozina D.

I was overwhelmed at first, but within 1 week I felt very comfortable and confident thanks to the wonderful staff for supporting me, encouraging me, and believing in me.

Thank you!
Rosie D. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

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AOLCC Success Stories

Wesley D.

I was introduced to AOL through my employer as part of a transition service to military personnel releasing from the Canadian Armed Forces. The Kingston campus offers a resume building and writing course transitioning military members. I hadn’t been in school outside of the military for nearly 30 years. So I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect.

While I was there I met the staff which were all very helpful. I was initially contacted by Dorota Mirek she is the Student Services/Admissions/Financial Aid Officer. Right away I felt welcomed. She really made sure everything was set up and ran smoothly. And always made regular check-ins to see how things were going.

During the resume writing course Racheal Hickey was my teacher. She is very knowledgeable and very patient. She helped me with any obstacles I encountered.

One of the greatest thing though was the ability for the college to allow me to be there when I could, as part of transitioning from the military is many, many appointments. The schedule is flexible and the college will work with students to try and meet any needs they have. Each student is treated as an individual where the program is adjusted to their schedule not the traditional 8-4 day where students must adjust their schedule to fit the schools.

While completing the resume course I found out about other courses that are offered at the college. I eventually decided to attend the Web Design Diploma course as part of transitioning out of the military.

I began the web design course and really enjoyed it. Robert Richer was my instructor, he is very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. I learned many new skills and honed up some others that I have not used for a while.

While attending this course I was able to adjust my course schedule as required, the instructors and staff were always willing to help and were very knowledgeable in the subject matter. The learning environment is fairly casual, but not too relaxed, and the actual working area is very quiet and beneficial for learning. Since the schedule is flexible I was able to attend class in-between appointments and work. I was also able to do a lot of the work at home on my own computer in the evenings and bring it into the college the next day for submission.

Overall any of my experiences at Academy of Learning Kingston Campus has been positive. The staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable and are willing to do what they can to assist, be it the course material or scheduling. I am excited to begin the next my next diploma course in October, Network Administrator. I know I’ll have all the help and support I may need at AOL Kingston. I highly recommend looking into the courses and services offered if you’re thinking about starting a new career.

Wesley D. – Web Designer Diploma

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AOLCC Success Stories

Jamie C.

My Learning Experience at Academy of Learning

When I think about my favourite experiences during my time at Academy of Learning Career College, many things come to mind. I’m honestly sitting here, trying to think of a specific time that stands out in my mind. I honestly can’t think of one. All that comes to mind is the gift of education. That is my favourite experience at Academy of Learning Career College.

All my life I was told I wasn’t good enough by several people. I believed it. I struggled with school, making friends and fitting in. I grew up in a neighborhood where the values of education were thrown out the window and listening to the latest music and skipping school to go to the arcade, were priorities. I didn’t do well in school. High school was truthfully a blur for me. I felt like I was passed onto each grade only to get me out of the school system faster. I would find myself in conflict with the law, school system, family members, friends and my life was just an honest wreck. However, I do not regret any of my decisions in life. I stand here today, a different man, a different person with different morals, beliefs and values.

Two years ago, a post-secondary education was not an option for me. However, I got my act together, finished high school with honours and took my first step into the real world. After arguing with myself over and over again, I found myself enrolling in Academy of Learning Career College. My one year learning experience at Academy of Learning Career College has truly made me the person I am today. I enrolled in the IT Program here at Academy of Learning Career College and here I was able to identify different sides and qualities in myself that I never knew I had. I was able to grow as an individual and for once in my life feel like I wasn’t a screw up. Here I was able to achieve a new skill, self-confidence and a true appreciation for myself for the first time in my life.

I guess my favourite experience during my time at Academy of Learning Career College is learning. I’m not just talking about books and Excel, Typing…etc. I’m talking about self-discovery and finding out what most people go around their entire life pretending to know who you are inside and out and knowing what you have to offer the world.

So maybe I haven’t taken the time to ever say thank you, but here it is. I thank you, all of you, you have helped me become the person that I am today. I don’t know what words I could type to explain my sincere gratitude. I know I’ve become so much more of the person I have always wanted to be and that I am one step closer to achieving all my dreams.

I’m not a screw up anymore, and I will never be one again. Thank you Academy of Learning Career College.

Jamie C. – Computer Service Technician Diploma

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