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The secret of our students’ success comes from training with Academy of Learning Career College’s exclusive Integrated Learning™ System. Available only at Academy of Learning Career College, the Integrated Learning™ System has helped our graduates successfully complete over one million training courses.


To improve the lives of under-served students and the communities in which they live. Globally, our flexible, supportive environment empowers dedicated students to achieve their goals.


WE WILL: Meet your unique training needs. Demonstrate a genuine concern for your career success. Improve your productivity and marketability. Provide a high-quality learning experience. Excel in the delivery of superior career, business and computer skills training. Provide a warm and friendly learning environment. Employ caring, professional and knowledgeable staff.

“We believe in Honest, Creative & Flexible Education.”

Academy of Learning Career College


Our History

Founded in 1989, Academy of Learning® Career College originally specialized in computer and business skills training for learners, based on the Integrated Learning™ System (“ILS”). This system is unique to Canada and offers a method of learning whereby course materials and instruction provide an all-encompassing learning experience using a multi-sensory learning approach. Learning is supported by an on-site qualified facilitator called a Learning Coach. ILS is exclusive to Academy of Learning® Career College.

Beginning in the 1990s, our campuses also offer lesson content delivered to students in a vibrant, interactive classroom community. These courses follow the traditional delivery of content by an Instructor, based on daily standardized lesson plans that consist of approved curriculum. When using this method of delivery, the instructor engages the class, provides individual coaching to help students gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, actively monitors their progress, and is ready to address their questions and concerns.

In more recent years, Academy of Learning® Career College adopted “e-learning” technology as an extension of the Integrated Learning™ System. Students complete course materials presented within a comprehensive Academy Online system. This system incorporates online presentations, tutorials and media that combine with access to instructional materials, simulated labs, exercises, as well as quizzes, review questions, or pre- and post-tests. In this delivery method, students are supported by a qualified Online Instructor or an on-site qualified campus Facilitator.

Additionally, Academy of Learning Career College has continued meeting adult learners’ changing needs by leveraging technology to offer an innovative method of learning – virtual learning. Students have the opportunity to learn and participate in a Virtual Classroom and participate in a live session with their instructor every day. Students also master the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their future careers through online digital media, textbooks, and software programs. A community of like-minded learners who are also changing their lives is just a click away!

Today, our campuses have helped students successfully complete over one million training courses. Depending on the province or territory, program offerings have expanded to Diploma-level and Certificate-level programs in the areas of Accounting, Business, Community Support Worker, Customer Service, Healthcare, Home Inspection, Hospitality, Information Technology, Insurance, Legal, Office Administration, Web Design, and more.

New programs and courses are continuously being developed to ensure that students receive current skills that will enable them to be successful in the marketplace, while working to better their lives.

For more than 30 years, Academy of Learning® Career College’s main focal point has always been and continues to be the students. It provides methods of learning that will fulfil students’ needs, as well as the requirements of today’s competitive job market. AOLCC has helped learners successfully complete over one million training courses.

Academy of Learning Career College


Education Tailored for Real-World Success

Join the legacy of success at AOLCC’s Kingston and Mississauga West campuses, renowned for over 32 years of excellence in Eastern Ontario.

Established in 1989 and part of Canada’s largest network of private career colleges, approved by the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005, these campuses offer a rich array of over 30 diploma and certificate programs.

Our commitment to quality training, as recognized by students, employers, and government agencies, ensures that our programs, from healthcare to IT, resonate with the demands of today’s business world.

Our modern, flexible learning environment fosters personal and professional growth, equipping students with the skills needed for a successful career.

Embrace the journey towards achieving your career goals with us. Explore our programs today and start shaping your future.

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We strive to provide our learners with the highest quality in Education, Curriculum, Service and Technology

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