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We are Canada’s largest career college network, proudly serving our communities for over 30 years.
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About Our Graduates

We work with thousands of graduates annually who have completed their studies and have embarked on a career search. We receive frequent requests from local employers wanting to hire our graduates and we are happy to connect them with our alumni.

Why Choose an AOLCC Graduate?

AOLCC is proud to be an education-to-employment community, seeking both to prepare individuals for their desired career paths and to provide employers with qualified talent to fill their rosters.

Ongoing Labour Market Research

AOLCC participates in a long-term strategic planning process involving discussions with employers, job outlook report analysis, and environmental scanning to determine its academic programming. On an ongoing basis, course programming is updated through an iterative process that incorporates changes to skill demands on the fly.

Skill-based Outcomes

AOLCC courses are designed to impart job-related skills to AOLCC courses are designed to impart job-related skills to learners. Learning activities take a multi-sensory approach combined with practice to ensure learners develop the knowledge and skills required to be successful in each area of study.

Commitment to Excellence

AOLCC learners and graduates are committed to pursuing career excellence. They have taken the step to pursue higher learning. We are proud to play a role in their professional development and we actively pursue opportunities to connect our graduates with local employers.

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