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Criteria for admission into any Diploma or Advanced Certificate program includes:

Admissions Policy

Attending the initial interview and receiving a positive recommendation from the College Director/student administrator/admissions representative.

Having a fair understanding of the English language.

Prospective students must be Grade 12 graduates, or equivalent, or have Mature Student status (18 years of age in Ontario) and subject to the discretion of the College Director.

Mature Students and those who cannot supply proof of Grade 12 graduation will be required to complete an Entrance Examination to properly assess their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Applicants for any of the Technical Diplomas or Advanced Certificates, as well as the Medical Training courses offered, will further be evaluated on specific criteria and tests depending on the Diploma or Certificate chosen.

Students need to be able to work with an individualized learning system. Foreign students who are not Canadian Citizens or permanent residents must obtain a Study Permit with their Visitor Visa from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Applicants must read and certify that they have received and read a copy of the College’s policies and procedures, any updates and inserts as well as the Enrolment Application and Contract. Some programs may also have additional entrance requirements or prerequisite courses.


Students are contracted to attendance obligations that depend on their funding sources and schedules. Failure to attend in accordance with contracted hours of instruction per week may result in withdrawal from the program. Attendance records may be subject to scrutiny by sponsoring agencies and are maintained by the college as prescribed. Students may choose their hours of attendance, subject to workstation availability, and at the discretion of the college.

Books and Supplies

Academy of Learning Career College’s Integrated Learning System™ programs are presented using course workbooks, audio instruction, and original software. All courses are presented as complete packages with all of the necessary materials included. There are no additional costs. All materials presented to students are protected by relevant Copyright Laws.

Credit for Previous Learning / Challenge Exams

Credit for previous education and training may be awarded to students who are able to successfully pass challenge exams, which indicate acceptable levels of proficiency in specific skill areas.

Diploma / Certificate

A Diploma or Certificate is issued to each student who successfully completes a course or program and meets their financial obligations to the college. Diplomas and Certificates are issued by Skills Advantage Inc.

Dress Code

Academy of Learning Career Colleges do not follow a strict dress code, however, attire should be modest. Students may be asked to dress as they would for a job interview on specific days during their job search courses. As a courtesy to others who may have extreme allergies, students are asked not to use strongly scented products prior to coming to the college.

Passing Marks

Individual exams must be taken for one course before proceeding to the next, and require a minimum percentage pass mark prescribed by the Academy of Learning Career College. To graduate, students must pass all courses in their program of study with an overall average of 75%. Students achieving an average of 90% and higher will receive Honours status. The marking schemes and procedures are governed by strict guidelines set by Skills Advantage Inc.

Learning Coaches

Academy of Learning Career College employs qualified individuals to facilitate the training of students. Facilitators complete training programs in course content provided by Academy of Learning Career College and must score over 90% on each exam.


Courses are presented with all of the necessary materials included. All fees are payable to Academy of Learning Career College and may be in the form of cheque, Visa, MasterCard, or cash (as accepted by your local college). The total tuition fees are due and payable by the start date unless specific arrangements have been with the college and recorded on a student’s contract. If the student is being sponsored, the college requires a letter of authorization. Academic credit is not given until all financial obligations have been met.

Holidays and Hours of Operation

Academy of Learning Career College operates year-round and observes all government statutory holidays. Some colleges arrange closures during Christmas and New Years or during the summer months. Consult your local college for specific dates. Students should check with their college regarding hours of operation. Most Academy of Learning Career Colleges are open six days a week – Monday to Saturday, and selected evenings.


Academy of Learning Career College will limit the collection, use and disclosure of students’ personal information to the extent required to conduct business and to provide on-going services to them. This information is confidential and is only issued to a third party with students’ written authorization or where students are funded by a government agency.

Refresher Privileges

Graduates are welcome to return to the college they attended after completion of their courses to refresh and review their course material, as long as they have already passed the course and Academy of Learning Career College still teaches the same version.

Satisfactory Progress

All students are issued a program outline that may include target dates for starting and ending each course. These dates must be adhered to as closely as possible in order for students to complete their courses by the prescribed end dates. Should students fall behind, they are expected to put in extra time to maintain satisfactory progress. Students receiving funding will have no leeway in this – if satisfactory progress and course load is not being maintained, it could result in withdrawal. Courses not completed by the program end date will not qualify for refunds or transfers. In the event that completion by the program end date is not feasible, the end date may be extended but only with the permission of sponsoring agencies and the College Director.

In order to receive a credential, students must achieve an overall average of 75%. Regular feedback from college staff ensures students can monitor their progress, and if applicable, may implement initiatives to ensure academic success.

Students with Special Needs

Our philosophy is that everyone should have the right and opportunity to improve their life through better employment. Academy of Learning Career College’s innovative method of individualized instruction coupled with its flexible scheduling gives most students with special needs access to the benefits of our unique learning method. Written transcripts of courses may be available when audio material is insufficient for student needs.

Tax Receipts

Tuition fees qualify for Income Tax credits. Students may also be entitled to an educational status credit based on their attendance. Students are requested to talk to college staff or to their tax consultant if they require any additional information. In order to claim this tax credit, an official receipt is issued by the colleges at the appropriate time.

Transfer Policy

Students must complete their program of study at the college identified on their contract. If a student wishes to transfer to another Academy of Learning Career College, they must request this in writing from their originating college well in advance. Transfers will only be considered if the student is in good standing and is at the sole discretion of the College Director of the college location to which the student wants to transfer. Academy of Learning Career College cannot guarantee that a transfer will be made. This policy is subject to approval from the student’s funding agency and space availability at the college to which the student wants to transfer. Enrolment contracts are not transferable from one student to another.

Workplace Anti-Violence, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment Policy

Click/tap here to view our Workplace Anti-Violence, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment policy.

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