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About AOLCC Kingston

Experience top-tier career education at AOLC College’s Kingston Campus, a beacon of learning excellence since 1989 in Eastern Ontario. Recognized for its pioneering and innovative approach, the Kingston campus offers a diverse range of over 30 diploma and certificate programs, focusing on business administration, computer applications, healthcare administration, and more. Our unique Integrated Learning System (ILS) ensures a personalized, flexible learning experience, preparing students for successful careers. Explore our Kingston programs and start shaping your future today.


Accounting and payroll workers record, track, and analyze all aspects of finances. They manage everything from payments to invoices to employees’ paychecks.

The future is bright for the accounting and payroll industries in Canada. Because these services are vital to companies, there are many job opportunities. Payroll careers even allow you the flexibility to work remotely, on your own schedule.

Organized individuals who enjoy working with numbers will find this a rewarding career. Further, AOLCC’s accounting and payroll courses will give you the skills you need to succeed.

Business and Management

Business & Management

Business and management are two key disciplines of company organization. They ensure that operations run smoothly and the company achieves its main objectives. Further, every industry utilizes these disciplines. As such, a business management degree from AOLCC can unlock jobs in a variety of roles and industries.

Whether your goal is to learn marketing, gain leadership skills, or start your own business, business management courses can help you reach it. AOLCC’s training programs will give you a strong business foundation. With the confidence and skills you gain in training, you can grow a successful and rewarding career.

Customer Service and Hospitality

All great guest experiences start with the employee! For this reason, customer service training and hospitality courses are crucial. Whether at a hotel or a corporate event, hosts bring warmth and memories to a guest experience. In addition, providing a positive experience to customers is necessary for all businesses. AOLCC hospitality training programs and customer service courses open the door to career success. Training will give caring and outgoing individuals a strong foundation in this field. You will gain the necessary tools to build a memorable customer experience.

Customer Service And Hospitality


Canada’s healthcare industry is booming. This factor creates substantial opportunities for those with the proper training. You could potentially work in many places, such as dental offices, hospitals, and medical offices. Not only is this career secure, but it also allows you to make a difference in others’ lives. AOLCC’s health and wellness programs can open the doors to a rewarding healthcare career.


Information Technology

Information Technology (widely known as “IT”) is the use of technology to manage and process information. Mainly, IT professionals install and maintain the technology that is part of complex computer systems in a business. IT is now a crucial part of our world as technology has changed how businesses operate. AOLCC information technology courses can help you gain a solid foundation or expand your existing skills.

Office & Administration

Office & Administration

Office administration courses can do more than prepare you for a career. They can help you acquire skills and capabilities that will benefit you all your life. Our programs and courses cover various areas utilized in a wide range of businesses. Whether you want to work for a corporation or a cutting-edge tech startup, office administration training can help make it happen.

Office & Administration


Frequently Asked Questions

We have general information on each of our diploma and certificate programs on the Academy of Learning website, as well as on our individual campus pages. We also have Admissions Representatives at each of our campus locations who will be able to discuss all of the programs Academy of Learning has to offer.

Our Admissions Representatives and Campus staff can provide you with all the tools and information you need regarding financing. Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify.

Never! Our model ensures that each and every one of our adult learners has the opportunity to engage with a qualified Learning Coach for one-to-one assistance and guidance.

Yes, we don’t refer to our learners as ‘students’. We refer to them as ‘Adult Learners’, as that’s what you are and who we serve. We strive to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can feel at ease while you learn.

Yes, AOLCC’s scheduling has been designed with you in mind. We will be flexible and ensure you can achieve work/life balance.

Yes, of course. We will administer an entrance examination to ensure you have the ability to succeed at our campuses, and we will help you to ensure you continue to succeed.

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