AOLCC Success Stories

Alicia D.

My name is Alicia Davison and I have recently completed my Medical Office Administration diploma. I lost my job when the store closed and had problems finding a job in the seasonal tourist town where I live. I decided during a meeting with a job councilor at KEYS in Gananoque that going back to school would be my best option. I found out I was eligible for Second Career, and began the application process right away. Part of the application process was to find out information about three different schools. I arranged a meeting with Dorota, and almost as soon as I walked in the door I knew Academy of Learning College was the school I was going to choose. 

As someone who disliked high school, I wasn’t sure I would like the typical style of a community college. One of the things I like most about Academy of Learning College is that I could work at my own pace, and with a flexible schedule.

I started my medical office administration diploma in October, 2013, and I immediately enjoyed what I was learning about. For the first time since I was a little girl, I enjoyed coming to school. The one-on-one help that I received helped me to obtain great marks which only made me more excited to come to school and learn more.  I ended up completing my program 2 months before my end date, something I wouldn’t have guessed would happen.

All of the facilitators are friendly and always willing to help; they were encouraging and knowledgeable in all the subjects I took. The school is a welcoming environment that I felt comfortable in where you will meet people on many different paths in their lives, in many different programs. I really loved how even if you didn’t necessarily know everyone, there was always a feeling of support for each other. That is not something you will find in a community college.

I am so glad I came to Academy of Learning College, if I got the chance to go back and do it again, I wouldn’t change anything. Everyone on the staff helped me to achieve my hopes and dreams of getting a college diploma.   Without all the staff at Academy of Learning College, I would not have a bright future ahead of me, and I consider myself very fortunate to have met such wonderful, caring people.

Alicia D. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

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