AOLCC Success Stories

Ashly K.

Independent – but not alone: that is how I would best describe my overall experience at Academy of Learning Career College. I attended another college right after high school and it really tainted my ambition to learn and apply effort. I took a couple years off from schooling and worked full time while trying to decide what my next steps should be. I started looking around for other options, hoping I would not have to go back to a big “mainstream” college and while out driving one day, I suddenly came upon Academy of Learning Career College. That’s when I decided to go back to school.

The first person I met at the college was Cecil. My first impression of him was that he was friendly and professional, and over the next 8 months, I found out just how funny he is. He definitely helped with lightening the mood of students. I then met Dorota, the Admissions Representative and Financial Aid Officer, whose positive attitude and ambition helped me to decide to enroll. No matter what I was concerned about, she always presented a solution, which was very reassuring. Then, I met the college Director, Michael, and it did not take long to realize how helpful and supportive he is, dedicated to everyone’s success.

Once I started my program, I found that I had so much ambition to learn that I was consistently able to complete course work on schedule. I did this with the support of the Facilitators, Tara, Bev, and Racheal. They all have more patience than I will ever acquire. Every question was answered, some were answered repeatedly. Tara had the patience to sit with me, explain, and help me until it was resolved. Bev asked probing questions to help me find the solutions, and Racheal explained 1 thing at least 3 different ways which I found very helpful.

I met so many interesting and new people; people of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, each at different places in their lives. I worked independently on my studies yet found myself in a big group environment. We had pot-lucks, fundraisers, bake sales, and weekly meetings. Academy of Learning Career College has their own little community and everyone was welcome.

I graduated with honours in June, 2016 from the Business Administration Program. I am now working for the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, HR Advisory Services division, as an Information Management Clerk. If it wasn’t for Academy of Learning Career College, the people who work there, and the program I took, I would not be where I am now. I would recommend this college to anyone. If I ever need further education, I would return. I am so grateful I found Academy of Learning Career College.


Ashly K. – Business Administration Diploma

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