AOLCC Success Stories

Brigitte S.

Dear Kingston Campus:
When asked to provide feedback regarding my courses and time with your College, I was pleased to have the opportunity.
As a mature student with volunteer activities, etc., I found the program at your College to exactly meet my needs. I was never made to feel that I did not belong in the program or any classes. I was initially worried, however, your teachers and program has provided me with every opportunity to be successful.
Your flexibility in course time and time in the classroom allowed me the options I needed to complete all my school work. I was allowed to move at my own pace and was encouraged to do courses in the way that worked best for me. This was huge towards my success. I was able to move through classes quickly and as such I was able to complete my program early to meet my personal needs. How wonderful it was to feel in control of my time and commitment.
I appreciated always having someone available to help me. Your teachers are very encouraging and supportive. They understand that every student is coming for a different reason and is trying to balance school and life. I only wish I had teachers like this when I was attending high school.
I feel very positive about myself and my accomplishments in completing this course. It has reinforced my confidence in my abilities and I no longer feel that I am not ‘smart enough’. I am very proud of my efforts and results in this program.
I thank you very much for your support of my goals and for helping me individually to meet them. I would recommend this program to anyone that is interested in continuing their personal education.

Yours in Support,
Brigitte S. – Marketing Co-ordinator Diploma

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