AOLCC Success Stories

Chand S.

While looking for a new career, I realized I needed to update my training and decided to contact multiple colleges to see how to fit an education into my life. At first, I felt hopeless because I wanted a program that could accommodate a flexible schedule. As I am a mother, my first priority is my children and I could not attend scheduled classes. Then, I found the Kingston Academy of Learning Career College. During my first meeting with their Admissions Representative, I explained my situation and educational needs, and I was provided with all kinds of support, including flexible scheduling which allowed me to focus on my family while gaining the skills necessary to find employment.
Learning something new can be a scary experience, and I was nervous. However, the environment at AOLCC is friendly and supportive, and the mentors and other staff are great; I was really impressed!
The entire experience has helped to shape my future and I am forever grateful, especially to Tara and Dorota for their support.

Chand S. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

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