AOLCC Success Stories

Cristina P.

I have traveled the world, seen many places, met and interacted with many, many people, and I am here to tell you that Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston, has provided me with memories I will cherish for a lifetime!

My first three months at AOLCC, I was worried that the program I had chosen was too fast for my capabilities.  However, each day I received unconditional care and support from the staff who encouraged me to not give up on myself.  And, YES, this is what it takes to make the difference for people to be SUCCESSFUL in life!

I will always be grateful to:

Dorota Mirek – Thank you, Dorota, for being there for me from day one.  Your professional and personal advice will always be an excellent reference to me that I will call upon for years to come.

Tara Teeling – My Mentor.  Thank you, Tara, for the guidance and kindness you have provided me with.  I will never forget you and how you always keep a smile for all the students.  I am honoured to have met a person like you.

Hayley Love – Hayley, I will always smile when I think about you.  Thank you for all your support, and for the times you read through material with me, laughed with me, and comforted me.

Robert Richer – My IT Specialist!  Rob, thank you for your professional skills which you patiently shared with me.

I can definitely say to you all, thank you. You changed my life!

Cristina P.

Business Administration Graduate

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