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Methods of Payment

The following forms of payment are accepted:

1. E-Transfer:

All e-transfer payments to be directed to pay.m@aolccollege.ca

2. Bank Wire Transfer:

If you decide to pay your fees by wire transfer, please direct your payment to the following account:

  • Beneficiary Name: Academy of Learning Career College
  • Beneficiary Address: 3660 Hurontario St, Suite 500, Mississauga ON. L5B 3C4
  • Bank Name: Bank of Montreal
  • Branch Address: 1841 Walkers Line, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7M 0H6
  • Bank Telephone: (905) 336-3375
  • Bank Code: 001
  • Transit Number: 38712
  • Account Number: 1983318

3. Cheques and Bank Drafts:

Please make all cheques and bank drafts payable to “Academy of Learning Career College“. Ensure that your Student ID Number as noted on your Letter of Acceptance from Academy of Learning Career College, is clearly noted on the cheque or bank draft.

For cheques, please ensure that there are sufficient funds in the bank account from which the cheque will draw funds. Students shall be responsible for all fees and expenses that result from insufficient funds or related reasons.

IN ALL CASES: Students should always keep proof of payment confirmation in case the College requires them for reconciliation purposes. No other forms of payment are accepted.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Academy of Learning Career College issues refunds based on the terms and conditions outlined in this form. Kindly fill out and return the form and required supporting documents to globaladmissions@aolccollege.ca to begin processing your refund.

Payment Options

Students in attendance have three options for breakdown of fee payment:

  • Option 1: Full (100%) fee payment before the start of the Program.
  • Option 2: 50% fee payment before the start of the Program & 50% fee payment within 60-70 days of the start of the Program.
  • Option 3: 30% fee payment before the start of the Program, 40% fee payment within 30-40 days of start of the Program & remaining 30% fee payment within 60-70 days of the start of the Program. 
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