AOLCC Success Stories

Jessica M.

My time at AOLCC has been amazing! From the diploma program I chose, to the knowledge I have walked away with, to the help from all the amazing Learning Coaches, I have had a wonderful experience that has helped me immensely.

When I first started at AOLCC it was a big change. Going back to college for the second time in my 30’s, with two kids in tow, was a little intimidating, to say the least. But, the staff at AOLCC have always been understanding and accommodating to my needs as a student and first and foremost, as a mom.

I personally love the fact that I can work at my own pace, and if and when I have a question, I actually receive help without being judged for not knowing. Hayley and Tara have taken the time to sit down and fully explain things to me until I fully understand. I have been able to be open about my concerns, and even my personal life, and they listened. 

Through my Business Accounting diploma program, I have been able to successfully gain employment within my field, which I obtained prior to graduation!

AOLCC isn’t just a career college– to me it became a close-knit, family-like surrounding.  Thank you for all your guidance and help.

Thank you for all your guidance and help

Jessica M. – Business Accounting Diploma

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